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  • Thursday, 10 September 2015, 9:00 AM - Saturday, 19 September 2015, 7:00 PM (UTC)
  • abuja
  • Enotie Paul Ogbebor "COLOURS OF A MISSING LINK" (View Map)
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  • Colours of a missing link opens at Abuja

    A solo art exhibition Colours of a missing link by Enotie Ogbebor will open at Thought Pyramid Arts Centre, Wuse 2, Abuja open September 10 and runs till 18. It will feature about 40 works, in oil on canvas and acrylics on canvas. The exhibition will feature among others, the missing link series, which showcase Benin culture that poses the questions such as what would have happened to our civilization if the British did not invade Benin Kingdom? What would have happened to the transfer of skills within the guilds of ancient Benin Kingdom? Will the works which now occupy various museums abroad have inspired a new generation? How do we get the lost skills and work ethic of our forebears back?
    According to Ogbebor ‘as a Nigerian what lessons can we draw from the arduous meticulousness of our Ancestors regardless of tribe? How do we showcase these works and that of several cultures in Nigeria because of the human using effect of Art?’ He said the reorientation Nigeria needs can be achieved through the widespread exposure to the arts.
    “As a fine artist, colour has been my vehicle of choice in documenting my experiences in life. I have learnt to allow the art happen whilst drawing attention to the good, the bad and beautiful aspects of life. I hope the viewer is involved in a cathartic experience and they resolve to leave their little corner of the world better than they met it.
    “Works document our environment and highlights the need for all of us to take care of the environment and of one another. This starts with everyone rediscovering our sense of beauty and making our thoughts, words and deeds beautiful so we can achieve beautiful development. The works are highly textured ala impasto more like reliefs if you like, this technique coupled with the plaque like perspectives are a tribute to my Benin roots particularly the I gun bronze casters which forms part of my ancestry” Ogbebopr said in a statem
    Date: 9 Sep 2015 16:43
    Subject: See The Nation Sept 2, 2015 page 18


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